One drop: new ecological glue made from plants and water



Microscopic view of the bonding process

Aalto University researchers and international collaborators have combined plant-derived cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) with water to create a high-performing adhesive that is sustainable and affordable.  

Working with researchers at the University of Tokyo, Sichuan University, and the University of British Columbia, Dr. Blaise Tardy and the Aalto team report that one drop of the new glue has enough strength to hold up to 90 kg weight, but it can still be easily removed as needed, for example in fragile electronic components, or for reusable decorating or packaging materials. 

CNCs from plants are abundant, as Tardy explains, “Our new adhesive can be sourced directly from residual biomass, such as that from the agro-industry or recycled paper,” and “it outperforms currently available commercial synthetic products. 



Link to the original paper in Advanced Materials